Beauty in the Brokenness

This weekend has been full with the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life. There has been a peace and happiness that has settled over my heart like no other, even in the midst of trials and heartache.

This spiritual weekend began on Friday with my Delight meeting. I felt an energy in myself that I hadn’t felt in a while. It was the energy to get up and talk with people and start conversations and be fully present in each and every one of them. Sometimes my introverted self takes over in rooms full of people and I just smile and wait to be approached, but on this particular afternoon I just felt so good. I was approached and invited into a conversation towards the beginning of the meeting, and from there it was like a wave of confidence just surged through me.

We talked about body image at this particular meeting. Body image is something I have struggled with for years. I’m always looking for the newest diet and workout programs that will get me to goals I have set for myself. From weight loss transformation photos to calorie coutning to stepping on the scale with a little too much anticipation, I’ve made my journey for health unhealthy. I’m beginning to see the end in that. Everything God created is good. We are created in God’s image. I shouldn’t hate my body, for it is a gift from God and is refelctive of His own image. That’s amazing. Rather than tearing myself down, I need to be thankful for what God has blessed me with.

As I was leaving the Delight meeting, a friend told me things about me that I didn’t know. Good things. She unknowingly blessed me with information and told me about qualities that I had overlooked and underappreciated about myself. I left feeling so loved and with a joy that can only come from God’s presence.

And then Sunday morning rolled around. I walked into church with a heavy heart regarding some personal issues. But God had something else in mind. I walked into the doors and I just felt peace and love and happiness. The worship music was so beautiful, the message much needed, and the friends around me much adored. I just felt light.

I went to lunch with some friends after service and, again, got told things about me that I had convinced myself wasnt’ true. This person who delivered this much-needed message was doing so based on first (or at least very minimal) impression. I haven’t known her long, but she spoke to exactly what I needed to hear.

God has moved me in so many ways during these past few days. I can’t explain the pure joy that comes from following Jesus. Even during hardships and heartaches God is there for you. He is waiting with open arms to embrace you. I’ve been wrapped so tightly up in His embrace these past few days, and I can’t be more thankful for that. God makes Himself known and does some of His best work through brokenness. So embrace your brokenness, embrace the Lord, and just wait for Him to embrace you right back.

“God can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing. All you need is faith” Joel 2:25. 



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