C’est Macaron

When I was growing up, I thought that macarons were the weirdest looking dessert ever. I had only seen pictures, and assumed they would be gross. I remember someone telling me they were made with almond flour, so I immediately wondered who on Earth would want to eat a nut cookie. I assumed they’d have a hard shell like a nut and would have no flavor. They reminded me of Pretty Patties from Spongebob. It is safe to say I was not impressed.

But during my study abroad trip in France I tried them, and they became my favorite dessert. This seems to happen to me often: I think I’m not going to like something (or even someone) and then I end up loving it. I’m starting to think I should just go for everything I think I hate and then I’ll have a renewed list of “loves.”

Back in the US, macarons are not nearly as popular. They are a difficult cookie to make and not many places have them. Recently I tried ordering a few online, but my bill was $70 after shipping (they have to ship them in a refrigerated container) and I couldn’t convince myself it would be worth it.

I decided to try to find some semi-local places that sold them. After a little research, I found a few shops within an hour of Akron and I chose my first destination: C’est Macaron in Legacy Village. I took a friend, Maddie, and we set off on our mini road trip.

C’est Macaron is located in Legacy Village shopping center (25001 Cedar Rd, Beachwood, OH 44122), so you have to hunt for it once you’re there and parked. The shop was small and cute, the display case full of colorful macarons and unique desserts. (I wish I had taken pictures in the shop but I totally forgot). We each bought six and were in and out of the shop in five minutes. They even had variations of my favorite flavors: Rose (Rasperbby rose pictured below) and lavender.




I haven’t eaten all of my macarons yet–saving the best for last–but the few I have eaten were very good. For St. Patty’s Day they had an Bailey’s Irish Creme flavor which was delicious and festive.

C’est Macaron definitely makes high quality macarons at a decent price. I would definitley go back, and I’m excited to explore all the other shops near me. If you’ve had any great macarons from some local (or not so local) places let me know!



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