Life Update: Six Weeks Post-Grad

The last few months of my life has come with a lot of changes. I’ve gone from being a full-time student to unemployment/job searching to getting a job in a completely unexpected field for me. I would not have expected to be where I am today two months ago, and for that I am so grateful and in awe of how in-control God is.

Speaking of two-months-ago me, I can now openly say she was full of stress and anxiety. Graduation was creeping up and each day I felt more unsure of what I was going to be doing after school was over. I had either a large paper or portfolio due in all my classes (one portfolio, two ten-page papers, and one twenty-page paper). I was working through all those, plus trying to process that my time in college was coming to an end, not to mention that school was what my life had been centered around since kindergarten. So basically going through all the stressors of being a senior in college. But graduation day came and went and I survived it all.

And then came the uneasiness about what was next. Christmas break was a nice cushion of being able to rest and think about what my next steps were. It was one of my last days at home that I finally sat down to apply to some part-time jobs, hoping to be a barista or something like that until I figured out what to do next. Then I got a text and phone call from two staff members at Rahab Ministries, a nonprofit ministry I volunteered for, telling me about an open position at the minor safehouse. Within an hour of the first text I had applied, within a week I had an interview, and a few days later I was hired.

To be quite honest I was in a little bit of shock. Two weeks prior to getting the job I would have never guessed that in such a short time period I would have not only been employed, but pursuing ministry with a nonprofit that I admire so much. For anyone not familiar, Rahab Ministries is a nonprofit ministry that serves women and children survivors of human trafficking.

I’m barely a month into the new year and only about six weeks post-grad and God has already done so much transformation in my life. There are already so many more changes coming this year, like moving (again), this being my last few months as a Delight leader, and many more things I can’t even anticipate. But if this last season of life has taught me anything, it is that God is in complete control. He knows exactly where I’m going and I am wholeheartedly following Him there.



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