Summer Plans

I am so excited about these next few months! Already my summer is jam-packed with both career-building opportunties as well as adventures. I graduate in December, so this summer is my last as a student before I enter into the “real” world (hopefully with a job).

A lot of my summer plans kick off next week, the first week in June. I’ll be going back to my job at the University of Akron Press as well as starting my editorial internship with Dzanc Books. Essentially, I’ll be working two jobs, but both qualify as part-time so I’m sure it’ll be managable. I also am continuing work with Rahab Ministries and am excited to take on a new role there.

Delight Summer Series kicks off this weekend (June 2) and I am pumped about co-leading the series! Our focus is dreams and I can’t wait to dive in to community with some truly amazing women. (If you are a college or even high-school aged woman in the Akron area and want to join let me know!)

Recently I accepted the position of Delight Blog Contributor. This summer, and into the fall, I’ll be writing a few blog posts for them as well. I am feeling so blessed by this opportunity and that they saw value in my writing and faith. I know that God will guide me and I pray that all of the Delight blog posts reach women everywhere.

I have a few vacations planned as well, the first being my family’s annual week-long reunion in the Pennsylvania mountains. This will be one of the first years in a while I can go for the whole week and I’m excited for biking, campfires, creek walking, maybe some hiking, and plenty of board games.

My immediate family is taking a short vacation to Lake Norman in North Carolina. We rented a lakehouse and plan to enjoy a few relaxing days there. Right from North Carolina, I am going to Nashville, TN for the Delight leadership conference! I have heard so many amazing things about the conference and am looking forward to getting closer to all the leaders, both from Akron and around the country.

Some of my other summer plans include a Twenty One Pilots concert in Columbus, attending summer Campus Focus, and lots of time with friends and family! I want to do a lot of exploring in Akron and Cleveland and hope to write about some cool places I visit. I am feeling adventurous this summer and up for anything!

If you know of any cool places in the Akron/Cleveland area or some good road-trip destinations put them in the comments!

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