Our Place in God’s Plan

“The Lord God formed out of the ground every wild animal and every bird of the sky, and brought each to the man to see what he would call it. And whatever the man called a living creature, that was its name.” Genesis 2:19

This detail is such a beautiful image of fatherhood. I used to imagine this scene as a rapid-fire interaction. An animal is brought to Adam, named, and then whisked away for the next to replace it. This time reading, however, it came to life: an animal being presented before Adam, him examining it closely, maybe even laughing with God in the middle of the Garden, making it a game of sorts.

This inclusion in Creation shows the deep love God has for us and His desire for us to be a part of His plan. Adam couldn’t mold mountains or fill oceans, but he could name the animals, and God allowed for him to play a part.

This inclusion doesn’t just stop at the Garden, but becomes consistent throughout God’s history with us: He always includes us in the process. The Bible is quite literally a story of God inviting us into the process of His redemptive plan for the world. He could do it all on His own, but He chooses to allow us to be a part of His plans.

It is a privilege to be brought into the plan of God, but we have to remember it is His plan, not ours. We can’t take over and do it better. We can’t make someone choose a new path or accept salvation, but we can be His vessel. We can make our lives a living sacrifice, stepping into any part of the plan God calls us to be a part of.

Don’t try to mold mountains or fill oceans, but handle the task God has put right in front of you with care and love.

Be intentional and obedient with what God has given for you to do and leave the rest in His hands.



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