Craving Growth

In college I really began to come into my faith. I started learning what it was like to have a relationship with Jesus and live out my faith every day.

I was excited about beginning to walk on this faith journey that was more than Sunday mornings and praying when I needed something. I began to consume anything I could get my hands–or ears–on.

I was listening to sermons while getting ready, podcasts while walking to class, going to Bible studies and faith-based groups 3-4 times a week, reading devotionals, reading my Bible, and listening to worship music. I was surrounding myself with knowledge and wisdom and using any kind of free time to get more of it.

What I wasn’t making time for, however, was actual time with God. I would listen to other people before I would sit down in the silence and try to hear from Him.

I thought I was pursuing God with all of those extra things, but actually He was pursuing me, waiting for me to slow down and be still.

There is nothing wrong with podcasts, sermons, and Bible studies, but they shouldn’t take up so much space that you don’t actually have time to talk with Him.

If you’re looking for a way to start connecting with God, but aren’t sure how, I recommend setting aside at least 5 minutes to just sit and be still. Set a timer and just focus on God. Have grace with yourself–if you fidget or your mind starts wondering, just gently bring yourself back.

This is a new practice for me as well, so we can struggle through together! Let me know how it goes!

Remember God is faithful and just wants to connect with you!



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